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Begomoviruses, whitefly, betasatellites, alphasatellites, cotton, tomato, leaf curl disease


Begomoviruses are one of the major types of plant viruses. They are transmitted by whitefly and cause many diseases. The CLCuD is the most damaging disease of cotton. It is the vector of begomoviruses, namely as monpartite or bipartite begomoviruses. Bipartite begomoviruses are consisted of A and B DNA molecuales. Monopatite consist of single genome. It is mainly linked with alphasatellites and betasatellites. Alphasatellites can replicate by using replication protein and not called as true satellites. Betasatellites are called as true satellites as they are linked with alphasatellites. Mainly cause tomato yellow leaf curl disease. Begomoviruses are different from other plant viruses as the basis of RNA genomes. DNA beta satellite is involves in suppressing the expressions of genes in plants. It has a major role in preventing RNA silencing by encoding proteins that binds with DNA and target the nucleus of cell. Affected plants show various symptoms such as leaf curling, enations etc. that cause loss in cotton field by preventing the growth. With the help of PCR, 1.4 kb fragments of DNA have been amplified from DNA template. For cloning the whole begomoviruses genome, a simple method of cloning has been widely used. Cloning is usually done by using the bacteriophage DNA polymerase. The betasatellites  have shown association with CLCuD.


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