• MA RAZZAQ Department of Pulmonology, Recep Tayyip Erdgon Hospital Muzaffargarh, Pakistan
  • M ATIF Department of Pulmonology, Bakhtawar Amin Hospital Multan , Pakistan
  • U ULLAH Department of Pulmonology, Social Security Institute Multan, Pakistan
  • M MEHMOOD Department of Pulmonology, Govt. District Hospital Muzaffargarh, Pakistan
  • M IRFAN Department of Pulmonology, Govt. Tehsil Head Quarter Jampur, Pakistan




Tuberculosis, Depression, Anxiety


To evaluate prevalence of depression and anxiety among Tuberculosis patients. A Prospective Study was carried out at Department of Bakhtawar Amin Hospital Multan from July 2021 to July 2022. The study was conducted on 400 patients. HADS, a 14-item questionnaire, was used to assess depression and anxiety. The 14 items were subdivided into 7 items for depression (HAD-D) and anxiety (HAD-A). Data was analyzed using SPSS v23. Independent association of variables was identified by calculating adjusted odds ratio with 95% CI. Prevalence of depression and anxiety were 224 (56%) and 220 (55%) respectively. Depression was more common in females, 127 (67%), as compared to males, 99 (47%). Anxiety was also common among females 131, (69%). Low body mass index, lack of formal education and perceived TB stigma was significantly associated with depression. More than half of the sample had depression and anxiety. Intensive treatment phase, high perceived stress and perceived stigma were associated with anxiety and depression.


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