• F TARIQ Department of Medicine, Sahiwal Teaching Hospital Sahiwal, Pakistan
  • A IRFAN Department of Emergency, Shifa International Islamabad, Pakistan
  • A SATTAR Department of Radiology, Nishter Medical University and hospital (NMU& H) Multan, Pakistan
  • MA ASLAM Department of Statistical Analysis, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan, Pakistan
  • R SHEIKH Department of Radiologist, Children's Hospital & University of Child Health Sciences (CH & UCHS) Lahore, Pakistan



COVID-19, Lung cancer, Radiology, Propensity score analysis, Ground-glass opacity


Retraction Notice: This paper has been retracted from the journal after receipt of written complains from IRB & Ethical Committee, Shifa International Hospital Ltd. Islamabad, Pakistan. This journal is determined to promote integrity in research publication. This retraction is in spirit of the same. After formal procedures editor(s) and publisher have retracted this paper on 21th February-2023. Related policy is available here:


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