• J IQBAL Mango Research Station, 6-km Basti MalookRoad, Shujabad 59220, Pakistan
  • S KIRAN Mango Research Station, 6-km Basti MalookRoad, Shujabad 59220, Pakistan
  • G MUSTAFA Mango Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan 60000, Pakistan
  • AH KHAN Mango Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan 60000, Pakistan
  • A RAZA Mango Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan 60000, Pakistan
  • F BIBI Mango Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan 60000, Pakistan
  • R HUSSAIN Mango Research Station, 6-km Basti MalookRoad, Shujabad 59220, Pakistan
  • SIUS BUKHARI Mango Research Institute, Old Shujabad Road, Multan 60000, Pakistan
  • N IQBAL Soil Salinity Research Institute Pindi Bhattian, Pakistan
  • A KHAN Maize and Millets Research Institute, Yusafwala, Sahiwal, Pakistan




Mangifera indica, farmyard manure, germination, potting soil, sawdust


Mango is a valuable income crop that significantly contributes to the food security. However, there was a severe shortage of information on the growth, production and developmental behavior of different rootstock of mango in different growing media combinations. Accordingly, a study was conducted in 2019–20 at the Mango Research Institute in Multan, Pakistan, used a net house to test the efficacy of several pot media for nursery with different compositions on the seedling growth and development of plants. Mango seeds were planted in top soil (PM1), Sawdust (PM2), Farmyard manure (PM3) and FYM/Sawdust (PM4). The independent trial was conducted using a randomized complete block design. Parameters of emergence and development were measured and studied. The results showed that all of the emergence and growth characteristics, except for shoot number, had a substantial influence on the outcome of the experiment. However, emergence rate, stem diameter, shoot number, root number, and days to germination were not impacted by the potting medium. Except for stem diameter, shoot number, and internode length, the interaction effect of growth medium had a substantial impact on all other metrics. Mango nurserymen would benefit from using most recommended pot media with the combination of farmyard manure: soil: sand with the ratio of 3:2:1 to increase emergence and development of seedlings.


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