• A RAFIQ General Medicine- Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • AR ARSHAD General Medicine- Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan



Child-Pugh Score, Chronic Liver Disease, Predictors, Risk factors


To determine the predictors of quality of life in patients with decompensated chronic liver disease. A cross-sectional observational research at Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar, from 14-October 2021 to 14-April 2022 included 170 CLD patients. The study assessed HRQOL using the Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire, a 29-item Likert scale. High CLDQ scores for Abdomen Symptoms (AS), Fatigue (FA), Systemic Symptoms (SS), Activity (AC), Emotional Function (EF), and Worry (WO) predicted greater HRQOL. CLDQ scores ≥5 indicate "good" HRQOL, while <5 indicates "poor." Statistical study utilized IBM SPSS 24 and Chi-Square testing to assess associations (p < 0.05). Regarding disease severity, 43.5% of patients were classified as Child-Pugh class B, while 56.5% were classified as Child-Pugh class C. In terms of the mean CLDQ score, 109 patients (64.1%) exhibited a mean CLDQ score < 5, while 61 patients (35.9%) had a mean CLDQ score >= 5. Notably, a significant association was observed between the mean CLDQ score and Child-Pugh class (P = 0.0001), BMI (P = 0.03), smoking status (P = 0.006), and the presence of cardiovascular diseases (P = 0.03). We identified Child-Pugh Class, BMI, smoking, and cardiovascular diseases as predictors of poor quality of life in decompensated chronic liver disease patients.


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