After critical review and approval by the editorial board, Biological and Clinical Sciences Research Journal (Biol. Clin. Sci. Res. J.   ISSN: 2708-2261) publishes articles reporting original research articles are grouped by subject matter into all type of biological and medical research but not confined with the following categories: Botany, Plant Sciences, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Genetics, Plant Computational Biology, Plant Cell Biology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Ecology, Plant-Microbe interaction, Plant environmental interactions, Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Animal Sciences, Human Genetics, Animal Biotechnology.

Notes are published about apparatus, observations, and experimental techniques. Observations usually are limited to studies and reports of unrepeatable phenomena or other unique circumstances. Review and interpretation papers are also published, subject to standard review. Contributions to the Forum section deal with current agronomic issues and questions, in brief, thought-provoking form. Such papers are reviewed by the Editor in consultation with the editorial board. Major manuscript types include full-length research articles and short communications but the Biological and Clinical Sciences Research Journal also publishes other types of articles.